La Corte dell’Astore is formed by eight ancient buildings dated back to a millenary tradition.
The interiors are made of stone according to a primitive technique and they recall the art of making these simple dwellings an example of perfect structural stability.
In these dwellings that have the form of cylinders covered by cones, you can live in a dreamlike period, when simplicity was the real richness, the stone was an element of worth and tradition was a legend.

SUITE Lanario

The Lanner falcon is one of the most beautiful hawks in our territory. It is elegant, slender and fast-moving. It is a wonderful specimen for its morphological characteristics and exceptional performances. Its colour shades inspired our new interpretation of this trullo with rounded walls, where there’s no space for pictures but only for custom-made furniture. It is an essential space representing the excellence in architecture. It is a gallery of different worlds and stories, where attention to details and the role of each single element in the whole perspective take the guest back in another time.

SUITE Gheppio

The Trullo Gheppio is inspired, in its colours and furniture, by a wonderful and elegant specimen: a brown hawk characterised by a refined way of flying, circling in a romantic courting with unfurled wings around the female hawk, telling a story through love and feeling circles. This sober and discreet courtship inspired the pieces of this trullo furniture: simple but representative elements fill an intimate emotional space.


SUITEFalco Pellegrino

The Peregrine Falcon is considered as an apex predator
that well represents this room, where the walls are painted with the principal hunting scenes from Frederick II of Swabia’s work “De arte venandi cum avibus” (“The art of hunting with birds”).
They are images of a rich historical past artistically represented with passion and love for the old art of falconry.


The Gyrfalcon is the largest of the falcon species, especially used by nobility in the medieval falconry.
This specimen appears in a painting representing Castel del Monte on one of the room walls. This is a unique room for forniture and precious details.
The idea of freedom inspired by the unfurled wings of a flying hawk is reflected in the green spaces around the Gyrfalcon trullo and the balcony, where the guest can admire the surrounding landscape.


The Red Kite is one of the most common hawks in the Apulian areas.
Its light-coloured plumage inspired the pieces of furniture of this wonderful mansion, where stone is the main element and creates a love nest and a magic setting.
Fishes of different colours become the background of a beautiful love story written by imagination before an unforgettable night.
The Turkish bath in the room leads the guest’s mind through a dimension of well-being and harmony.


The Porbeagle, one of the most beautiful specimens used in the hunting with little hawks, well represents this charming trullo.
Old stone walls support a centuries-old cone that our guests can admired relaxing in the whirlpool tub carved in the rock.
It is the romantic setting of an old fairytale made up of unforgettable experiences that the Porbeagle trullo provides.


The goshawk is the most commonly used species in falconry and it is the main and the most favourite predator in this hunting practice. This animal needs care, patience and the same particular technical knowledge employed in the creation of the Princess Astore Suite. It is the double-cone trullo dominating the courtyard and it is characterised by a large authentic local stone hand-made outdoor hydro-massage bath. This historical house is marked by refined and sophisticated style of the furniture, accurate space organisation and attention to details: this trullo is the best choice to live a unique and surreal experience.


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